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Medical Services

Champion Express Care

Champion Express Care

Tired of waiting in the Emergency Room for hours or paying for the Urgent Care Co-Pay? Check out Champion Express Care for all your timely medical needs.

  • Acute Walk-In Clinic
  • No Appointment Necessary
  • Timely Physician Visit within 30 minutes
  • Cheaper than Urgent Care and Emergency Room
  • Most Insurances Accepted
  • Onsite LAB and X-RAY
  • NO ER Services rendered (please go to the ER if you are experiencing Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath, Dizziness, Severe Headache or any open fractures)

DOT Physicals

DOT Physicals

The Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration requires individuals with a commercial driver license (CDL) to pass a physical examination every two years. The Veres Group can perform DOT physicals and subsequently certify commercial drivers according to DOT regulations.
DOT Physicals

Certain medical conditions such as cardiac disease, diabetes, limb deformities or vision/hearing problems may require more frequent certification.
The components of this physical include:

* Basic Physical
* Urinalysis
* Whisper test (If unable to pass- audiogram required)
* Visual Acuity
* Urine Drug Screening
* Pre-employment and return to work

Certain health conditions may limit medical card certification for less than the standard two years.
Drug Screening

Drug Screening

The Veres Group offers drug screening for employers that suffer from problems associated with employee drug abuse in the workplace. Employees that abuse drugs:

* Have on-the-job accidents
* Are less productive
* Are more likely to use three times as many sick days
* Are more likely to injure themselves or someone else
* Are five times more likely to file worker’s compensation claims

As an employer it is important to keep your employees’ safety in mind and job performance.
Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

The Veres Group offers comprehensive laboratory services to detect and monitor diseases. Our laboratory technicians offer accurate and timely results for a variety of laboratory tests.

Please contact us for information on specific laboratory services.
Minor Emergecies & Surgical Procedures

Minor Emergecies & Surgical Procedures

When an emergency comes up, The Veres Group is here for you. We offer our patients reliable care and fast admission. There is no need for an appointment to be served by our physicians when suffering from non-life threatening ailments. Our physicians are dedicated to provide you with immediate attention and special care. We provide the following services for Minor Emergencies and Surgical Procedures:

* Cold and flu symptoms
* Ear infections
* Strains
* Sprains
* Simple lacerations
* Suturing
* Eye irritation
* Casting
* Splinting
* Cyst removal

Sports Medicine and Physicals

Sports Medicine and Physicals

For our active sport patients, our goal is to provide world-class care through sports medicine and therapy. Both Dr. Frank and Zachary Veres are board certified and or trained in Sports Medicine. If you are suffering from pain, swelling, or discomfort in any muscles or joints, please schedule an appointment with us today. We start off by examining our patients and determine the best treatment to ensure full recovery. Our attentive care will get our athletic patients back into their active lives immediately. We provide the following services for sports medicine:

* Sports injury screening and evaluations
* Physicals
* Balance evaluations and treatments
* Return to athletics forms
* PT evaluations and treatment

Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation

As an employer, it is important to identify the causes of workplace injuries and illnesses. At The Veres Group we help companies reduce or eliminate factors in the workplace that have contributed to workers compensation illnesses or injuries. We put an emphasis on helping your employees return to work promptly and safely, process all required documents, and ensure our physicians are readily available.

Both Frank G. Veres, D.O. and Zachary F. Veres, D.O. are certified by the Bureau of Workers Compensation.